It gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate in Region 6's Teacher of the Year Program for 2023.  Each year, one teacher is selected alternately from the Wamogo Regional Middle/High School or one of the three elementary schools.  This year's nominee will come from the Wamogo Regional Middle/High School teaching staff.  From the nominations we receive, one individual will be chosen as Region 6's Teacher of the Year and will become our candidate for the Connecticut 2024 Teacher of the Year.

The nomination form, which is attached, should be returned to the Superintendent's Office on or before Friday, February 10th, for each teacher you wish to nominate.  Alternatively, you can submit your nomination electronically through the Region 6 website at www.rsd6.org.

The Region 6 Teacher of the Year Committee is comprised of the current Teacher of the Year, former teachers of the year, a building principal, and other Region 6 staff members.  They will meet and select the 2024 Teacher of the Year from our Wamogo Regional Middle/High school staff, basing their decision on nominations received.

In the Teacher of the Year Program, we are not attempting to single out any individual as the best teacher in Region 6, but to honor one teacher who is representative of all of the excellent teachers in the district.

As we all know, Region 6 has many great teachers - now is the time to honor them and let them know we appreciate their many contributions.  We hope that you will consider taking the time to nominate the teacher(s) of your choice.

To submit a nomination, please click on the following link: Teacher of the Year Nomination For


The rules are few, and they are simple:

• Nominees should be exceptionally skillful and dedicated, working in the pre-school through grade 12, who have been employed for a minimum of three years with the Region 6 Board of Education.

• All certified school personnel are eligible.  The major purpose of the program is to recognize the contributions of our staff.

• Nominees should have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and co-workers.

• The most important qualification is that the teachers have a superior ability to inspire love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities.

The additional criteria below used by the Region 6 Teacher of the Year Committee, as well as the Connecticut Teacher of the Year selection committee, may assist you in making your selection:

• A superior ability to teach and communicate, plus knowledge of students and their needs.

• Professional preparation and education, with evidence of continued professional contributions and improvement, such as in-service training, additional degrees, summer study, travel related to subject area, and the like.

• Knowledge of the subject taught and ability to use 21st Century tools related to the subject.

• Ability to relate to parents, students, and community; good school service, good teacher/students relationships, and involvement in school and community affairs.

• Leadership in school activities, such as participation on school or district committees or events, student learning activities, or state advisory committees.

• Extension of the classroom, such as evidence of creativity or innovation, activities to extend the classroom into the community, promotion of experimental programs, and development of new ideas.

• Evidence of superior past performance, such as honors, awards and the like, prior to selection as a nominee to the district Teacher of the Year Program.